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Vaser lipolysis, ultrasound, that is, with high frequency sound waves, the breakdown of fat cells and the removal of fat tissue from the body more easily and effectively with the classical liposuction method, reducing the amount of fat tissue and again as a result of the contraction (shrinking) of the structures under the skin that have lost their elasticity with the effect of heat. It is a method that aims to correct contours quickly and effectively. It is very effective in both removing excess fat and making the loose skin more taut in areas with regional excess fat in the body. It can be used successfully in a single session for lubrication in the hips, inside of the arms and legs, in the abdomen and waist area, on the legs and under the chin. Since the incisions made on the skin for the intervention are 1-2 mm, scars are almost non-existent. Patients can return to work and social life in a shorter time. The most important advantages of this method are that the wearing time of the corset is short and recovery is achieved in a shorter time. It is a matter that can be decided after the patient’s examination in which patient Vaser lipolysis can give better results.

Before the operation, the areas with regional excess are marked first in the patient. Depending on the extent of the procedure, general or local anesthesia is preferred. By entering with the help of small incisions, firstly the fat cells here are broken down and the fats are taken out with suction cannulas.

Fat cells destroyed by this process do not come back. However, if the patient consumes too many calories, it may cause an increase in the remaining fat cells in terms of volume. In this case, the process may need to be repeated again.

It will be sufficient for patients to wear a corset for 5-6 days after Vaser lipolysis.

This method is especially effective for young patients with little or moderate fat accumulation in limited areas. However, after classical liposuction in patients with excess fat in the whole body, sagging and irregularities that may occur on the skin after the application can be reduced more effectively.

After the application to the patients, the results become apparent between 3-6 months, depending on the width of the area and the amount of fat there. For this reason, it is necessary for patients to give importance to the soft massage application that reduces edema in this period in order for the result to occur more quickly.