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Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

Breasts, which are considered one of the most important symbols of being a woman, are extremely vulnerable to the effects of gravity due to their structure. In addition, the importance of pregnancy and lactation, weight gain and loss, and the effect of hormones cause downward displacement in the breasts, that is, sagging. Two important components play a role in the breast that needs lifting. The first is the loosening of the ligaments that fix the breast to the chest wall, and the second is the decrease in the volume of the breast, that is, the emptying of the breast. Whether the breast is sagging or not should be decided by looking at the relationship of the breast with the chest wall and the position of the nipples. If the breast volume is sufficient, the breast lift attempts are made only by recovering the sagging part of the lower half of the breast and taking the nipples back to their normal place. Sometimes, in patients with insufficient breast volume, lifting should be done together with prosthesis augmentation.

Surgical Method for Breast Lift

Breast lift attempts can be performed with simple or combined techniques, taking into account many factors such as the shape and size of the breasts, the degree of sagging, and the patient’s wishes. The operation takes approximately 2-3 hours. Here, too, there will be an inverted T-shaped scar similar to a breast reduction scar, since the lower half of the breast must be corrected so that the sagging lower half does not sag again. If a prosthesis is to be placed, it can often be placed under the breast tissue. Usually drains are not used.

After the breast lift surgery, in order to protect the shape given to the breast, a cone shape is given with plasters, this is taken 3 days later and a suitable bra is used. This bra should be worn day and night for 3 weeks.