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Over the years, our face starts to look older due to gravity, sun exposure and weight changes. The structures under the skin that make our skin look young lose their volume and cause deep lines and grooves to form.

With the application of soft tissue fillers, these lines and grooves can be made less visible. By injecting these fillers under the skin, wrinkles and collapsed parts of the face can be filled and a younger appearance can be gained. They also provide fullness to the lips and cheeks. Fillers can be applied alone, in conjunction with skin rejuvenation procedures or in conjunction with more radical interventions such as facelifts.

Injected fillers help fill deep facial lines, wrinkles, folds, sunken cheeks and local depressions in the skin. Apart from this, they can also be used to make the lips look more lively, curved or thick. It can also be used for cheekbones, chin and forehead curvature.

With the use of fillers alone, a permanent and effective change cannot be created as much as the results that can be obtained with surgical intervention.

Fillers basically ; It includes foreign bodies containing biological and synthetic materials such as adipose tissue and tissue cocktail taken from the patient himself, and tissue-friendly synthetic materials that are absorbed by the body. Surgery is required for the use of the patient’s own tissues. However, not every patient has time to spare for this or the patient may not prefer it. In permanent filler applications made with synthetic products, the risk of developing some complications such as foreign body reaction and infection against the product used is higher. The last group mainly includes hyaluronic acid and similar products, and the most important features of these products are that although they are produced synthetically, they have an already existing structure in the body and have a temporary effect.

Hyaluronic acid is an effective filler used in the removal of lines and wrinkles, lip plumping, and keeping the skin looking young. Hyaluronic Acid has a structure whose permanence is increased by applying different chemical processes. By changing its absorbability after injection, it can be effective for a longer period of time. Those with longer persistence should be injected into deeper tissues. It can be used safely in all age groups. The results are satisfactory, but need to be repeated at regular intervals. While applying Hyaluronic Acid for filling purposes, local anesthesia can be applied to the application area. There may be mild swelling at the injection site that lasts for several days.

The permanence of Hyaluronic Acid-containing fillers varies according to the applied area, but can last for 6 -12 months.