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Otoplasty can generally be expressed as bringing the prominent ears closer to the head and shaping the missing folds. This operation can be performed on children from the age of six. By the age of six, the ears complete 70% to 80% of their development. The earlier the operation is performed, the less problems the children will encounter in the external environment. This surgery can also be performed on adults and there is no additional risk for adults.

Ear aesthetics is usually performed under local anesthesia; sometimes your doctor may recommend that the intervention be done in the hospital. If your child is small, your doctor may recommend general anesthesia. Ear aesthetics usually takes 45 – 55 minutes. Adults and children can go home immediately after surgery. After the operation, the patient has pain for one day, but this pain is reduced with drugs.

The dressing is removed a few days after the surgery. After removing these bandages, your doctor will recommend a headband (tennis bandana) to be used especially at night. Using this band during the daytime will help to maintain the shape of the ear better.
Vital activities can be started by being careful not to get a blow to the ear.

If otoplasty is performed by an experienced surgeon, complications are very few.

Apart from prominent ear, there are other ear problems that can be corrected with surgery. Among them, “Lop Ear” if the upper part of the ear is curved downwards and forwards; “Cup Ear” is a very small ear and “Shell Ear” is the ear where the curvature on the outer edge, natural folds and lines are lost. In addition, operations for large earlobes can also be performed. In addition, a new ear can be made with the help of different tissues taken from the patient for those who lost their ears from birth or after an accident.