2177. Cadde Twins İş merkezi No:10/B D:125 Söğütözü ÇANKAYA/ANKARA

In humans, the forehead and eyebrows can shift downwards over time with the effect of gravity. This results in a sad, tired and old expression in the patient. Especially, the fall in the outer parts of the eyebrows also increases the bagging on the upper eyelid and causes the crow’s feet around the eyes to become more pronounced. Therefore, which tissues contribute to this appearance in the patient should be carefully evaluated. Changes in the upper eyelid, along with the forehead and eyebrows, should be considered as a whole and the treatment should be planned. Although eyebrow suspension seems to be a current approach, it is absolutely necessary to evaluate with the physician what kind of intervention each patient is actually a candidate for. The eyebrow tissue that loosens with aging sags with the effect of gravity, and it can also disrupt the aesthetics of the eye area by putting pressure on the upper eyelid. While brow lift aesthetics may be sufficient alone in young and middle-aged patients, eyelid aesthetics, forehead and temple stretching can be added to this in later ages.

Eyebrow Lift

This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia by using fixation materials of different structures, only in patients whose eyebrows are displaced downwards due to gravity, and who are considered to benefit from the eyebrows being lifted upwards in accordance with their natural shape. Although this intervention loses its effectiveness in a shorter time compared to other procedures, it can be preferred because of the ease of the procedure and the fact that it can be done in the practice environment.

Brow Lift Surgery

Lifting the eyebrows as a whole is a longer effective method compared to the eyebrow hanging technique. Eyebrows can be lifted using different techniques. However, it should be done together with forehead lift (endoscopic or classical approach). In endoscopic forehead lift surgery, the inner and outer parts of the eyebrows can be completely lifted as a whole by entering through small incisions made into the scalp. If the eyebrows that occur with age are not natural, the eyebrows that are located excessively after the surgery cause an abnormal appearance. Therefore, determining the correct level of the eyebrows is a matter that the patient and the surgeon should decide together