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Arm Lift Aesthetics

Treatment with liposuction: In cases where the skin quality is good and there is no sagging, that is, only in cases where fat accumulation is high, successful results are obtained with liposuction (vacuum fat suction). However, if there is sagging with excess fat tissue, liposuction alone will be insufficient. In such cases, arm lift surgery should be performed.

Arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty): It can be performed alone or in combination with other contour correction surgeries (tummy tuck, breast reduction or augmentation). In the preoperative evaluation, attention should be paid to the amount of adipose tissue in the inner and back of the arm, the degree of sagging and the quality of the skin. The scar is planned so that it cannot be seen from the front or the back, and the cut parts are closed very precisely with thin and hidden sutures. Despite all this meticulous approach, since the response of human tissue to wound healing will be different, scarring differs between individuals. A very thin line, a thick line, or even a raised and thick line can be seen in some rare patients. Arm lift surgery can be performed under general anesthesia as well as under local anesthesia. An elliptical incision is made on the inside and back of the arm (in the drooping area), and the drooping skin and excess adipose tissue are excised and removed. In the same session, liposuction is also performed on other parts of the arm, if necessary. The incision site is sutured from the inside with hidden sutures in two layers, at the end of the operation the arm is wrapped with a soft dressing and the patient can go home approximately 1-2 hours after the procedure. The next day, the bandages are opened and the operation area is checked and the patient wears a special arm corset for three weeks. The patient is advised to keep his arms elevated. There is no need for suture removal as hidden and dissolving buried sutures are used. As long as the right patient selection is made, the results of arm lift surgery will make both the patient and the surgeon happy.