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The difference in shape and size of both breasts is defined as asymmetrical breast deformity. Normally, slight asymmetries that do not attract much attention are frequently seen between the two breasts, especially in women. If this asymmetry is evident, its treatment should be surgical. In addition, in cases of pregnancy, lactation, weight gain and loss, the breasts may not shrink equally and this may result in asymmetry. During the development of breasts that start with puberty, one breast can grow faster and more than the other, and this can become a serious psychological problem. In such cases, the age of 18 may not be expected to correct the asymmetry. Although it is usually possible to reduce the large breast and enlarge the small breast, sometimes if one of them is in normal adult sizes, it may be more unproblematic to only correct the other. Generally, it would be more practical to equate the small breast with the larger breast with a silicone breast prosthesis.

Breast Asymmetry

Tuberous or tubular breast deformity is another pathology that causes asymmetry in the breasts, and it is a special breast deformity that has different characteristics from the usual breast deformity and requires a lot of experience to treat. Here, the area where the breast tissue meets the chest wall is narrower than the normal base area of the breast, so the growing part of the breast has grown asymmetrically forward. Breast tissue and skin development in the lower half of the breast is insufficient. This deformity, which can cause significant psychological problems, especially in adolescent girls, is corrected with the help of silicone prosthesis breast augmentation surgery and the use of different techniques.

Surgical Technique for Breast Asymmetries; The aim of the treatment of breast asymmetry is to equalize the two breasts in terms of size and shape. For this purpose, while the larger than normal breast is often reduced, the smaller than normal breast can also be enlarged with a breast prosthesis. Here, only the shape problems in the nipple and the rings around the nipple can be equalized in the breast equalization surgery.